Die natürlichen Rhythmen Ihres Körpers bestimmen die beste Zeit für Sex

Your Body’s Natural Rhythms Determine the Best Time to Have Sex

Natural cycles govern many of the processes that take place in our body. Examples of these biorhythms include the cycle of hunger and digestion, the menstrual cycle, the sleep-wake cycle and the different phases present within sleep itself. One of the most important natural rhythms of the human body is the circadian rhythm. Although best known for governing phases of sleep and wakefulness, the circadian rhythm actually governs much more than that. Throughout the course of 24 hours, the circadian rhythm controls body temperature, blood pressure and the secretion of various hormones, which for many can dictate the best time to have sex. These hormones include sex hormones such as testosterone.

Hormones Give Us a Clue to the Best Time to Have Sex

Your Body's Natural Rhythms Determine the Best Time to Have Sex 1Testosterone is at its highest levels in the early morning, due to increased activity of the pituitary gland during sleep. Just after waking up, a man’s testosterone levels are around 20 percent higher than normal. Two hours after waking, testosterone is up to 50 percent higher than usual. After that, testosterone levels start to decline. Because testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sex drive, a man is most likely to desire sex in the morning.

Given that women also have pituitary glands, the morning testosterone peak most likely also applies to women. However, the link between testosterone levels and sex drive is less clear-cut in women than it is in men. Not all women experience a linear increase in sex drive in response to rising testosterone levels. Therefore, some women may be in the mood very early in the day, while some never are.

Many men are in the mood for sex any time of day, not just after waking up. However, if a male has a low libido, then it is especially important to take advantage of the high testosterone levels in the morning. If his partner also feels more like having sex in the morning, great! But, if she doesn’t, then it’s important to just keep in mind that the earlier, the better.

When Your Partner’s Sleep Pattern Differs

Some people describe themselves as a morning person, while others consider themselves a night owl. There are also intermediate types of sleeping patterns—neither a morning nor a night person, both a morning and a night person at the same time, or perhaps somewhere in between. A couple’s individual sleeping schedules can impact their sex life. This is not only because different sleeping schedules can interfere with the intersection of each person’s testosterone peak, but also simply because there will frequently be times when one partner is awake and the other is not.

There have been scientific studies on couples with different sleep schedules, referred to as “owl-lark” couples. Researchers have found that owl-lark couples spend up to 45 percent less time together. They fight more frequently and have less sex than couples whose circadian rhythms are more aligned. However, this isn’t to say that couples with different sleep schedules aren’t meant to be together! There are definitely ways to make it work.

Your Body's Natural Rhythms Determine the Best Time to Have Sex 2If you and your partner go to bed and wake up more than an hour or two apart from each other, then it becomes very important to re-prioritize spending time with each other. Structure your days so that you have plenty of opportunities to connect. If it makes sense for you and your partner’s lifestyles, it could be beneficial for one of you to change your sleep schedule.

Not everyone who stays up late every night is really a natural night owl. Some people only stay up late because of distractions like the TV or computer. Eliminate distractions and keep a regular, healthy sleep schedule to maximize the amount of time you can spend with your partner. If you or your partner can reset sleep habits, then bedtime could be the best time to have sex. Getting in bed at the same time as your partner makes it more convenient to have sex—and having an orgasm can even help you sleep!

Find Your Unique Schedule

Studies show that people who don’t have enough sex with their partner are more likely to be dissatisfied with their relationship. It’s crucial to make sure both you and your partner are sexually satisfied. Creating a healthy and robust sex life will foster intimacy and bring the two of you closer.

In an ideal relationship, a couple will find their own personal best time to have sex. This may take some trial and error to discover. In addition to hormones and sleep schedules, the stressors of daily life can also have an impact. If you are regularly tired at the end of the day from work and errands, having sex in the morning is probably more ideal. Although it may be a challenge, finding the perfect time when both you and your partner are available and in the mood will be well worth it.

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