Heizen Sie Ihre Libido mit diesen natürlichen Mitteln an

Nourish Your Libido With These Natural Libido Enhancers

We are subjected on a daily basis to a constant bombardment of libido-reducing stressors and other factors. Working 9 to 5, putting in overtime, taking care of the kids, making the mortgage payments, sending out all the bills on time… all of these things affect our libido in a negative way over time. The good news is, there are several ways to fight this vicious cycle, though some are better and healthier than others. There are actually quite a few natural libido enhancers which, when combined appropriately, can help increase libido substantially over time. The following is a list of libido-enhancing minerals and vitamins renowned for their natural ability to boost sex drive.

Natural Libido Enhancers

Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) Extracts

Native to Peru, and number one in our list of libido enhancers, this supplement is also known as Maca or Maca root. In studies, Maca was found to increase sexual desire in men and women, and promote a healthy prostate in men with effects significantly higher than that of a placebo.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo has been found in countless studies to support healthy blood flow in both men and women. Healthy blood flow is important to healthy sexual function and maintaining a youthful sexual demeanor, making ginkgo a go-to on our list of libido enhancers.


This common vitamin, also known as B3, is used to stimulate sexual excitement, boost sex drive and libido in a wholly natural way and enhance the overall sexual experience.

Royal JellyLibido, Natural Herbs

Found in nature as food for the Queen of a colony of bees, this potent substance is one of the libido enhancers that has been used successfully to not only increase libido and sex drive, but also to increase energy and stamina. It can also be used to lessen the negative effects of menopause and even to support sperm health in men!


Maintaining healthy blood flow becomes a more and more serious issue as we age, and L-arginine is used to target this issue and support healthy blood flow. In men and women, L-arginine helps maintain healthy blood flow to the soft tissues and sex organs.

Coral Calcium

Calcium helps to maintain healthy bones. In particular, coral calcium adds to this already potent benefit a measure of magnesium and several other minerals, which help the body to absorb all other vitamins and minerals. Because of coral calcium’s ability to enhance the absorption of other herbs and nutrients, taking Ginkgo by itself and taking it with coral calcium will produce different results.


This miraculous substance helps support healthy endorphin and serotonin production in the brain and thereby jet-propels your sex drive into a new level of intensity. As if that weren’t enough, piperine has also been used to help relax muscles and support a healthy mood.


Healthy dopamine levels are the target of this natural amino acid. An increased level of tyrosine is proven to help significantly in maintaining healthy dopamine levels, obviously having a positive effect on one’s general feeling of well-being and happiness.


This is yet another naturally occurring, rather common herb which can be used to support healthy blood flow to the genitals via a compound called allicin. On a side note, ginger can also be used to combat bad breath, which can’t hurt if you’re aim is to improve your sex life.

Passion Flower

While not directly affecting your libido and sexual drive per se, this flower makes our list of libido enhancers because using the extract of this beautiful flower helps alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety and tension. Once you are feeling soothed and relaxed, your libido will increase naturally in the absence of the very things that stood in its way.

Eleutherococcus Senticosus

Formerly known as Siberian ginseng, this herb has been found through numerous scientific studies to promote healthy levels of brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin to help push your libido through the roof!

Saw PalmettoNatural herbs for your Libido

Last but not least, we have yet another natural plant extract which is capable of increasing one’s sex drive. It also is essential to promoting prostate health in men.


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